Senior Living at Wild Rose Care Home

At Wild Rose Care Home we have experience in caring for residents with advanced dementia and physical limitations. If your loved one has experienced difficulty thriving in a larger assisted living environment, our 6-bed care home can offer the home-like atmosphere and individual care your loved one needs. Wild Rose Care Home provides every resident with a private bedroom and attached ADA compliant bathroom. Our shower room is wheelchair accessible and floor plan easy to navigate. All of our care homes are owned and operated by Registered Nurse Mary Garcia who is personally involved in supervising the care of our residents.

Our Approach To Memory Loss


Wild Rose Care Home takes a different approach to memory loss than larger senior living communities. At Wild Rose Care Home we do not rush residents in the activities of daily living (ADLs). Whereas larger senior care communities perform ADLs for residents due to inadequate staffing levels, our caregivers allow residents to perform their ADLs according to their abilities and pace while under supervision. We believe that an unrushed approach to dementia care enhances our resident’s well-being and quality of life.

Wild Rose Care Home has been designed and constructed to address the challenges of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Our 6-bed care home has a simple floor plan that is easy to navigate. In the center of the home is the living room, dining room, and kitchen area. Each wing houses 3 private bedrooms with attached half-bathrooms. Resident names are posted on their bedroom door and caregivers are available to help residents navigate the short distance to their room. The simple layout helps residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease orient themselves and decreases confusion.

How We Address Physical Limitations

Many of our residents have physical limitations and handicaps that limit their movement and independence. Furthermore, many of our residents have been relocated to our care home from larger Santa Rosa senior living facilities due to decreased mobility. At Wild Rose Care Home we understand that residents with physical challenges require greater caregiver time and the implementation of assisted transfer techniques. For residents with severe transfer limitations we utilize assisted transfer devices such as Hoyer lifts. Without the implementation of assisted transfer devices or techniques many of our residents would be unable to function in an assisted living environment and would be relegated to skilled nursing care. Consequently, Wild Rose Care Home is dedicated to accommodating residents with physical challenges to avoid the need for placement in a skilled nursing facility.

Senior Activities at Wild Rose Care Home

Engaging residents on a daily basis with mentally stimulating activities is an important part of memory care. Our activities coordinator leads engaging activities 5 days a week at each of our locations. Daily activities are structured to accommodate residents with varying levels of cognition and mental acuity. Appropriate physical activities such as supervised walks and group ball-passing exercises are a routine feature of our activity schedule.

Transportation to Medical Appointments

All of our residents require routine medical treatment and checkups. Instead of forcing families to arrange for transportation, we can either provide or arrange for transportation to medical and dental appointments. We understand that you have to work and do not have the time to attend every medical appointment. To accommodate families and enhance the quality of care of our residents our staff can accompany your loved one to their medical appointment.

Experience Senior Living at Wild Rose Care Home

Let our staff and Administrator take charge of your loved one’s care. To learn more about Wild Rose Care Home call owner Mary Garcia, R.N. at (707) 695-2937.

By Mary Garcia